If there ever was a coastal malt, it’s this one

Nachdem wir schon sehr happy über die Bewertung unseres Imperial 16yo waren sind wir nun fast sprachlos. 😉 Serge Valentin hat heute unseren Cuillins Dew 13yo verkostet und das ist seine Meinung:

„Colour: white wine. Nose: interestingly, this baby’s both raw and rough and, on the other hand, chiselled, crystal-clean, on lime juice and fresh oysters. Zing! If there ever was a coastal malt, it’s this one. The smoke isn’t too big so far. With water: some kind of extreme lemon juice, very sauvignony (geeee…) Wee farmyardy notes as well. Mouth (neat): wooh! Pure lemon juice, salt, pepper and liquid smoke. Quite extreme, it reminds me of an old 8yo by Milroy’s, I don’t think I ever posted tasting notes for that one. Sharp as a blade, as they say. With water: becomes oily, almost thick, syrupy. Smoke and lemon syrup, that is. Perfect if you like this style as much as I do. Finish: very long, with Talisker’s pepper kicking in. Works well with lemon, doesn’t it. Some salt playing with your tongue and your lips. Comments: there aren’t many similar Taliskers around. I doubt our Pinzgauer friends still have some bottles left but if they do… It’s a miracle. SGP:456 – 90 points.“

Im Original auf www.whiskyfun.com zu finden!

Rainer Edlinger

Obmann und Mitgründer des Vereins Whisky-Circle Pinzgau. Er veröffentlicht hier Tastingnotes, Videos, Tipps und News zum Thema Whisky und Schottland.

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